Content auditing for agencies and freelancers

Trim makes it easy to create a content inventory, to gather relevant, actionable data about content performance, and to make informed decisions about how to improve web pages. 

Save time, get better information, and build stronger client relationships with Trim.


Clarity for you and your clients 

Use Trim to quickly understand the size and scope of your projects. Free yourself up from spreadsheet management and reporting.

With a single click, Trim can tell you how many pages are on a client's site.

A couple more, and Trim will analyse page content and Google Analytics to tell you which pages are in good shape, which show potential, and which can be Trimmed. 

Trim helps you create better estimates, set clearer expectations, and build better relationships! 

Evidence-based conversations

Trim creates an objective evidence base to inform your discussions with clients.

Demonstrate the impact of your work, or the need for improvements that you can help deliver.

No need for spreadsheets, version control, or data manipulation - just beautifully-presented information about content, all in one place.

It's easy to make decisions in Trim - when you've reviewed a page, set actions, review dates and add comments to make it clear who's responsible for what, and when.

A framework for content strategy

You and your clients can annotate your content audit together. Grade and score pages, set deadlines and review dates, assign content experts and content owners. You can add anything you need to capture to the audit.

Use Trim to categorise pages by audience or persona to easily spot gaps in a client's content offering.

Customers can export from Trim, so you can use our data for pitches, reporting - anything, really!


Pricing for Agencies


We know the challenges; trying to predict when a project is going to begin, managing outgoings, keeping deliverables on track.

That's why we offer a different pricing model for agencies. Pay based on the number of sites you need to manage in Trim - no page limits*, and change which sites you're managing in Trim whenever you need to.



Up to 3 sites
£25 per month / £250 per year


Up to 6 sites
£50 per month / £500 per year


Up to 12 sites
£75 per month / £750 per year

Questions about pricing?

Why are these plans different to your standard pricing?

Agencies tell us that our standard plan doesn't give the flexibility they need to work with multiple sites, some of which will change often.

Is this better value than your standard pricing?

It's a great value plan for agencies! The pricing also reflects the fact that agencies often work with a lot of clients - we anticipate that clients will take ownership of their account on a standard plan after a few months**. 

How are these plans different to your standard pricing?

Our standard plans charge based on number of pages, not number of sites.

Are these plans available to organisations that aren't agencies?

We only offer these plans to agencies and freelancers right now. In our experience, in-house teams don't need to work with so many sites, and rarely need to change the sites they manage in Trim. We'd love to talk about how we can make this work for your circumstances.

*Subject to fair use - where storage costs exceed your monthly subscription price we'll let you know and offer a range of options.
**Agencies can manage sites in Trim for a maximum of 12 months before converting to the appropriate standard plan.